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In 1995 , production CZ will open in a highly competitive market: the karting sector. Until then, the Japanese products were alone in the world , but the success of the CZ motorcycle market leaves naturally thinking CZ home designers that the presence in this sector is essential.

Chains karts are subject to considerable efforts to liaise with their small size, especially with regard to the 219 model used on “without gearbox” classes.

This is not really a real challenge: technology acquired over the years by CZ will allow the production of a range of channels " Karting " unusual .

Indeed, the quality of steel used for the manufacture from the most prestigious Germanic steel factories combined with know-how unusual they gave rise to products well above the usual standard .

In recent years, through dynamic new importers, CZ chains have pushed habits and becoming more and more like a master - choice in all categories with already beautiful victories key competing.

Like other high-tech products previously manufactured in Strakonice, Czech Republic, try a CZ chain is believing !